Why Adobe Premiere CC is so slow.


It looks like Adobe Premiere is developing in a bit weird direction.

Yes it has very good intuitive interface, apart from that I do not see any other good points! At a time I wrote this article it was a following situation

  • If exporting a project there is no compatibility for the previous versions of Adobe Premiere. Even if you export a project using Premiere CC 2014 you will not able to open it using Premiere CC.
  • Horrible loss of quality while encoding almost in any format and a lack of any encoding advanced features. If you planning to encode your video for future use one very few options is to use third party UT Codec.
  • Adobe Premiere build in deinterlace  is not even average quality, but one of worst you can possibly imagine. If to compare to absolutelly free QTGMC deinterlacer I would rate Adobe Premiere 1 out of 10, while QTGMC deinterlacer 9+ out of ten.
  • At last but not at least really terrible speed. Here is my example: using DELL Precision T5400, 16GB RAM, two Intel Xeon X5460. How the hell on earth rendering of moderately simple filters on SD video 20 min length can take 9 HOURS?!! I would understand if my CPU usage would jump to 100%, but in fact it is below of 12%. For me it means only one thing – Adobe still has no clue what multithreading is and in year 2015 Adobe Premiere still can no utilize abilities of my old  DELL Precision from year 2007.

Sure Adobe Premiere is a decent video editor for… youtubers. But would you really a pay a penny for it?

It’s up to you to decide