“Black Friday”


desperate times call for desperate measures


When consumers confidence level is extremely low you need to make some marketing miracles to boost the sales. Here is the prime example – “Black Friday”. For now every second blogger around the globe is writing about “Black Friday madness”. Even people from those countries where Amazon or Apple not doing any online sales or where is no Asda still talking about “Black Friday” sales.

Makes me laugh, honestly.

But let’s have a closer look at it from the seller point of view.  How much could I sell on the WORKING DAY MORNING? The answer is quite obvious not too much because very most of people have to go to work. In that case what is the point of having “Black Friday”? The point is to create the feeling that you as a buyer missed something really significant and for sure to spend your money during Christmas shopping.

So for me “Black Friday” is no more then really lame marketing trick. Besides people have to remember that any shop must make a profit, not to perform your personal Santa duties. If Anything else than profit any business would not exist.

Have a look at pics and on some of them you will see more photographers than customers :)