WWII Soviet propaganda posters – Gallery 1

People and army are invincible

We will not return the achievements of October! Created by Nikolai Mikhaylovich Avvakumov and Shcheglov in 1941. Some details to pay attention: Since Soviet SSH-36 helmet looked way too similar to German helmets, Soviet soldier is shown with a big red star. Something that did not exist for years. While German Soldier is wearing WWI not WWII helmet. At that time It’s still believed that Soviet soldier main weapon was…

Adolf Hitler’s Paintings


Here is just a small collection of Hitler’s paintings. Having a look at his paintings I do not see any hate or anger. Even in his painting of WW1 there is more drama and loneliness than anything else. What did it happened to him, for a painter to become a monster? How could it possibly happen at all? May it happen again?  

Theda Bara – Sex Symbol in 1910

Theda Bara as Cleopatra

Have a look how the sex symbol in 1910  looked like

Helmut Newton Photography

marilyn monroe

Some of  Helmut Newton art photos your parents knew. Some photos you seen millions of times yourself. Some photos you may never seen.    

Bodybuilders World

“Bodybuilders’ World” Project by Photographer Kurt Stallaert

Here I took liberty to repost some of Kurt Stallaert works. Because it looks like the sites his hosting sites are under attack. I do not know really what is the reason, maybe this kind of art does not fit into 21st century?  

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