Improting MKV Video to Adobe Premiere

I wrote this post just for myself as a reminder of the whole process, but not for you to get smarter. So please be so kind and press the back button NOW! If I am reading this text, the chances are I forgot how to edit my MKV video in Adobe Premiere. But doing it directly is somewhat difficult Normally when you ask such a question on “adobe” or video…

My advice for making car insurance accident claim in UK.


Yesterday I had unpleasant experience. One person smashed my car while it was parked next to my house. It was a school minibus that caused the accident and fortunately driver was nice enough to inform me what happened. So I took all the details and rang my insurance company. They gave me two options: No Fault – Where I’m not supposed to pay anything and my no claim bonus will…

Why Adobe Premiere CC is so slow.


It looks like Adobe Premiere is developing in a bit weird direction. Yes it has very good intuitive interface, apart from that I do not see any other good points! At a time I wrote this article it was a following situation If exporting a project there is no compatibility for the previous versions of Adobe Premiere. Even if you export a project using Premiere CC 2014 you will not…

Some helpful tips to choose a good salmon

atlantic salmon fillet

I wrote this post just for my friends on facebook, but not for you to get smarter. Please do not read and press the back button NOW! There quite a few simple things that may help you to buy a better value salmon for your money. Fish market is better. If you are in UK try not to buy the salmon from a supermarket, but spend a bit more time and…

“Black Friday”


desperate times call for desperate measures   When consumers confidence level is extremely low you need to make some marketing miracles to boost the sales. Here is the prime example – “Black Friday”. For now every second blogger around the globe is writing about “Black Friday madness”. Even people from those countries where Amazon or Apple not doing any online sales or where is no Asda still talking about “Black…

Funny Christmas food Ideas


Theda Bara – Sex Symbol in 1910

Theda Bara as Cleopatra

Have a look how the sex symbol in 1910  looked like

Helmut Newton Photography

marilyn monroe

Some of  Helmut Newton art photos your parents knew. Some photos you seen millions of times yourself. Some photos you may never seen.