Idiocy about royalties and patents


“Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet. Whenever a copyright law is to be made or altered, then the idiots assemble.”
— Mark Twain: Mark Twain’s Notebook, May 23, 1903

In these days it gets pretty much everything copyrighted to seriously idiotic level. Celebrities are suing photographers about making their photos while they do not mind earning up to millions from selling pics made by same photographer.

YouTube may remove your video just because it may contain copyrighted music soundtrack somewhere on background.

But the top of idiocy are the patents. I have a feeling that you may patent pretty much anything these days. Somebody may even patent scratching a head or drinking a water, so if anybody else wants to do the same they may have to buy the patent.

Here is the prime example,  just please take a deep breath…. In 2012 Apple managed to patent….. rectangle!!!! Probably you think I’m an idiot or just joking, but check it yourself :)

Another funny thing, if you look at that patent you will see tat 15 man from apple were working on that “patent”. Probably one single person can not reinvent rectangle any-more, but you need to have a team size of scientific lab for that.

Please do not ask me how did such a brilliant idea got patented in the first place. All I can say money buys anything.

Well, Apple dudes at least did titanic efforts to reinvent something, but it looks like in some cases you don’t need even that. Let’s say you are rich enough, but one day you woke up in bad bad mood and decided to sue somebody without any reason. Will you manage? Sure you will.

The prime example is Paris Hilton won a lawsuit over Hallmark for infringing on her trademarked catchphrase: “That’s Hot!”.

Yeek! Is there a justice? I do not think so. I believe those kind of judges should be stoned, but again money buys anything.

As result I decided to create my own WordPress logo. At first glance it looked really childish,   but later on just just fell in love with it.


If you like it feel free to use it and it is 100% royalty free.