Improting MKV Video to Adobe Premiere


I wrote this post just for myself as a reminder of the whole process, but not for you to get smarter. So please be so kind and press the back button NOW!

If I am reading this text, the chances are I forgot how to edit my MKV video in Adobe Premiere. But doing it directly is somewhat difficult :)

Normally when you ask such a question on “adobe” or video editing forums lazy dudes will tell you just one thing

– It’s not supported and you have to convert it to different format

And probably this is what the most of people will do – getting video converter and converting video to different format. As result,  hours of wasted time and loss of quality.

Now I will show to myself the really fast way of editing your video without any quality loss. Also no extra paid software involved – just an open source software.

MKV is not a video codec – it’s just a container that is wrapped around video. Absolutely same applies to MP4 or even AVI – they all just containers. In very most cases Adobe Premiere will be able to import the video using variety of codecs you can think about, but not every container is supported.

Sounds a bit insane but this is how it works and I believe you start getting my point. All we have to do is to brake the container and take out pure video. This is how I can explain demuxing in simple terms.

Just download and install a program called MKVtoolnix . Here is the link for developer site with many different platforms supported (including Windows and even Mac). Even if you have a 64 bit system (Windows), do not bother installing 64 bit version of MKVtoolnix, you will see it later why.

The only downside of this programm it has no graphical GUI. So to make our live a bit easier there is one more tiny program to install – MKVExtractGUI-2. MKVExtractGUI-2 will work only with 32 bit version of MKVtoolnix (at least this is a case at a time I wrote this post).  Here is the link

This programm has no installer. So All you have to do is to unzip it and just copy-paste to your  MKVtoolnix installation folder.

After you can create a shortcut to MKVExtractGUI2.exe or run it directly from that folder. I will not start making a screenshots, because interface is really simple: input file, output file and the track you want to demux.

It demuxses really fast, in my case to demux 40 minutes of FULL HD video took less than 20 seconds. Since MKV is just a container MKVtoolnix will create a new raw video file whatever it was inside MKV. Most likelly it will be H264, but it may be anything else also. In my case it was H264 and MKVtoolnix created a new file in output folder with .H264 extension. This kind of extension is perfectly ok with ffmpeg, but not with Adobe Premiere. So all you have to do is to rename the file extension from .H264 to .264.

Congrats if you managed to read it! )