My advice for making car insurance accident claim in UK.


Yesterday I had unpleasant experience. One person smashed my car while it was parked next to my house. It was a school minibus that caused the accident and fortunately driver was nice enough to inform me what happened.

So I took all the details and rang my insurance company. They gave me two options:

  • No Fault – Where I’m not supposed to pay anything and my no claim bonus will be not affected.
  • “Second option” – where I will loose my voluntary excess and also loose no claim bonus.

Obviously I went the first option and they transferred me to some other company, let’s call it ” A Car Hire”. They took all my details on the phone and stated to me terms and conditions in the manner you will not understand anything. Anyway it was agreed that they will send me all needed paperwork on email for me to confirm.

Here it’s where funny part starts.

First at all I received car hire financial agreement. You can read it only if you zoom it about 4 times. I was really keen to read it through and I zoomed it in. Pretty much all it says that they will issue a loan for car hire you have to pay…. If for whatever reason they can not recover it from third party. That is with a daily price of £216. OMG. It is obvious that third party will argue about such a price, Because if you have a courtesy car lat’s say for 30 days it will make  £6480 plus extra charges. But the truth is for ” A Car Hire” there is no difference who pays for it, because YOU signed financial agreement already. THIS IS HOW THE PEOPLE GETTING RIPPED OFF. O yeah… Also the wanted to charge me separately £15 for fueling that car and another £70 for insuring it.

I phoned them up and said that I’m not happy with such agreement and not going to take a courtesy car and let’s just talk about my car repair. It didn’t surprise me that they accept ONLY THEIR OWN APPROVED GARAGES. What annoyed me that the garages they offered to me is a “one man garage” on the backstreet. When I Googled for their “approved garage” location and picture I can call it a scrapyard level. Ok we do what we can and I still agreed even I didn’t like it.

Couple of hours later they sending me…. CAR REPAIR FINANCIAL AGREEMENT!!! Same thing as before – all repairs will be on my neck until /  if they will be able to recover it from third party.

But hold on a second, this is nothing to do with a car insurance I paid for!!! We insuring a car to have a peace of mind not to end up in the debt. But here everything is quite opposite.

So what am I ending up with.

  • No  courtesy car.
  • Garage is crap
  • I have to keep fingers crossed that ” A Car Hire” will not overcharge on repairs, that third party will not argue about it and I do not have to pay for for repairing my own car that is not my fault.

Sounds a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?

Actually just a quick search helped me out.

Even on my insurer website it’s is stated that

If the accident was the other person’s fault and we recover all the money from their insurers, your No Claims Bonus won’t be affected.


If it’s proved the accident was the other person’s fault and we recover the full cost from their insurer, the excess is refunded. So in effect, you don’t lose out.

So why the hell on earth they referred me to such a rouge company?

I phoned up my insurance company and asked about options the gave me in the first place

- If I will loose my no claim bonus and excess if car accident is not my fault?

- Not really. If that is the case you will have it back.

Great! I cancelled agreement with ” A Car Hire” and started filing a claim directly with my insurer. Here we coming to funny part again. Again they are trying to to push me some backstreet garage from their approved list…. or I could use a garage of my choice also…. but I will not have a courtesy car. This time a was a bit more clever and just before contacting insurer I also called to Audi ( my car is Audi) and asked them for Audi approved garages. And wuala after just one minute check it is also on my insurer approved list.

So what I am ending up now.

  • I have a  courtesy car I do not have to pay for under any circumstances
  • Repair will be done in Audi’s approved garage.
  • I will have my excess and no claim bonus back as soon as money is recovered from third party… Or in the very worst case ( a bit unlikely) I will loose couple hundred pounds, which it really nothing to compare for possible £10 000 bill.

It’s still not settled completely, but I will let you know the outcome. But why did my insurer transferred my claim to such a rouge company like ” A Car Hire”? It is really simple. Because  they have “something” in return from over-inflated ” A Car Hire”. Sadly it is a common practice in UK

I hope it will help somebody else