WW2 Uniforms of Latvian SS volunteers – Part 2

Lett Sonne und Sterne

In case if you missed it, here is the first part. Some people may mistaken such a uniform with Waffen-SS. Actually it was still Schutzmannschaft uniform.  Führer on the second photo is missing one button. Nicht in Ordnung.  ) Two tables with National Identity Kokarde, Collar Patches, Sleeve Patches, Shoulder Boards of Schutzmannschaft. Hopefully it will help you with identification of führers.   When it comes to Latvians, probably the…

WW2 Uniforms of Latvian SS volunteers – Part 1


Ordnung über alles! – The actual slogan of Volkswagen ) Looking at WW2 photos quite often you can see some strange figures in a strange uniforms. Without even thinking a lot of people will call them Germans. I find it wrong, because there is a clear difference between German and non German for the simple matter of fact they speak different languages and as a rule they originate from a…

WW2 German Pows – Antipropaganda


60 000 Germans captured by Soviets. Most of them will not return back home… they will find some Russian women and will make some Russian kids.   NKVD Female convoys giving a poisoned food to German POWs     NKVD officer is humiliating German POWs by ordering to bend over.   Sadistic Russian officer causing lung cancer to German POWs   German POWs minutes before execution. Execution was carried out…

Stalingrad in 1947 photos by Thomas D. Mcavoy


Some photos of Stalingrad in 1947 taken by Thomas D. Mcavoy from LIFE magazine.

WW2 Silent Witnesses – Nevsky Pyatachok

Nevsky Pyatachok 8

Some of photos taken in Nevsky Pyatachok Area. I can hardly imagine what did it happen over there  

WW2 Photo – The Red Cross Ambulance shot by Russians

red cross motor enchanced

Here it is WW2 photo where German soldier is examining the Red Cross Ambulance, where evil Ivans managed to do some extra ventilation holes. Quite obvious such a photo is very good for propaganda purposes. ” Ivans are cruel animals, they shoot wounded and even Red Cross doesn’t mean anything to them. Bastards!” But there are couple of strange details. Here I enhanced this photo to see the details a…

Who is Who – WWII American Propaganda Posters


It looks like after terrible political mess in 1940, by 1941-1943 it was a need to explain who was a friend and who wasn’t. It looks naive today but back in the days it was a serious business.   Especially when it came to Soviets. Ivans were no more “Communist Monsters” but “RUSSIAN Friends”. ) Such a small detail, but changes quite a lot.   From now on English are…

Women in WWII – American Propaganda Posters

cadet nurse

Warning! The following propaganda posters shouldn’t course any ButtHurt not to anybody. But you never know. If for whatever reason you feel some pain already please stop watching them right now! P.S Do not forget to consult psychiatrist )   Some of WWII America Propaganda posters. I believe no extra explanations needed )