T-34 – Mice VS Cats – Part 2


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Voroshilov Factory No. 174.

Even this factory was led by Soviet lead tank designer Semyon Alexandrovich Ginzburg, very surprisingly it was quite a troubled plant. Originally it was based in Leningrad, but after war start at first it was evacuated to Chkalov (modern Orenburg) and in march 1942 to Omsk. Also some parts of the factory were transported to Nizhny Tagil, same place were Stalin Ural Tank Factory No. 183 was based. Initially this factory was producing T-26s and also tried to make T-50s. But had a numerous failures, partially because of lack of professionals, partially because of ancient equipment, partially because it was torn apart. This plant started to make T-34s from 1942. It looks like they produced the worst quality of T-34 and unlike factory No. 112  they never improved. But I have a look at that aspect in another part of my story.

t-34 1944 nr174 - 4 t-34 1944 nr174 - 2 t-34 1944 nr174 - 3 t-34 1944 nr174 - 1

Remains of T-34 produced on this factory in 1944. Strange, but it’s really difficult to find proven T-34s made by this factory

Make of Tank Factory No. 174 production
1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Total
Т-26 (in Leningrad) 116 116
Т-50 (in Leningrad) 60 75
Т-50 (in Omsk) 15
Т-34-76 (in Omsk) 417 1347 1163 2927
Т-34-85 in Omsk) 1000 865 1865


t-34 1944 nr174 - 1 t-34 1944 nr174 - 2 t-34 1944 nr174 - 3 t-34 1944 nr174 - 4

T-34 of this factory made in July 1944. Tank serial number 0407321. It could be one of the last T-34/76 produced and also one of proven factory builds.

ОТ-34-76 3 ОТ-34-76 4 ОТ-34-76 2 ОТ-34-76

OT-34 produces at factory No. 174…. but fitted with hull of factory No. 112  )

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