T-34 – Mice VS Cats – Part 3


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Krasnoye Sormovo Factory No. 112 in Gorky.

Factory No. 112 did not have progressive assembly line. Also it was supplied very badly. As a prime example as soon as STZ managed to produce their own B-2 engines they send remains of M-17 gasoline  engines to No. 112 plant. Also 20% of cast turrets produced by factory No. 183 went to factory No. 112.

Saumur_Tank_Museum №112 1942 Saumur_Tank_Museum №112 1942 2 Saumur_Tank_Museum №112 1942 3 Saumur_Tank_Museum №112 1942 4

One of factory No. 112 T-34s produced somewhere in 1942. On display in Saumur tank museum. This tank was nothing else but just a shadow of former T-34. Even Soviet tank crews called those tanks freaks.

In general this plant produced more T-34 with gasoline engines than any other plant. In 1941 they made 161 tanks out of them 155 had M-17 gasoline engines. In 1942 541 out of 2718 T-34s were fitted  M-17 gasoline engines. Due to fuel tanks design and location it was the worst idea and it needed up armouring.

Speaking about M-17 gasoline  engine it was nothing else than German BMW VI V-12 liquid-cooled aircraft piston engine. M-17 gasoline  engine was times cheaper compared to B-2 diesel engine. In 1940 price of M-17 gasoline  engine cost was around 17,000 rubles, while B-2 diesel engine cost was circa 100,000 rubles. Also M-17 gasoline  engines on T-34s were not the new ones but taken from planes after it’s life expectancy ended. So pretty much they were free engines for T-34s.

Even by 1943 they did not had one singe semiautomatic welding machine. Till 1944 factory No. 112 tanks were simplified to extreme in the same way like tanks from Stalingrad tractor Factory.

t-34 factory nr112 1943-44 t-34 factory nr112 1943-44 2 t-34 factory nr112 1943-44 3 t-34 factory nr112 1943-44 4

Fortunately they managed to improve by 1944. Pictured tank is one of those models they produced in 1943-1944. For now their T-34 was suitable more than for one or two  attacks.

t-34 122 264 t-34 122 264 2 t-34 122 264 3 t-34 122 264 4

Here is another T-34 tank produced by 112 factory, but fitted with turret of factory No. 264 (Stalingrad) )

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