T-34 – Mice VS Cats – Part 5


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Stalin’s Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

The man production of this factory were KV tanks and T-34s came as an extra. After Germany attack numerous other plants were evacuated to Chelyabinsk. This place became known as a Tankograd (city of tanks). Medium quality tanks with any possible turrets.

Chelyabinsk_Tractor_Plant t-34 2 Chelyabinsk_Tractor_Plant t-34

One of few surviving T-34s made by Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant in late 1942.



UZTM AKA Uralmash.

As a distinct feature this factory it made a stamped turrets from rolled armoured steel. At a time when soviets stopped welded turrets it was the best available turret. Times lighter and tougher compared to cast turret. By the end of 1942 it made 267 tanks out out which 106 had stamped turrets, rest had a cheaper and worse cast turrets.

t-34 uztm 1943 4 t-34 uztm 1943 3 t-34 uztm 1943 1 t-34 uztm 1943 2

Here is T-34/76 with UZTM stamped turret made in 1943. Later this factory produced stamped turrets not only for itself but for other factories also.

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