T-34 – Mice VS Cats – Part 9


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Exept of general idea about 60° sloped frontal armour T-34 had a lot of frontal weak areas: almost vertical machine gun position, mechanic’s hatch, and almost vertical lover joint in front. Regarding machine gun position and hatch on T-34/85 had to be up armoured it up to 100mm.

weak spots t-34

Certainly it takes some skills to hit those weak areas, but not impossible.

machine gun t-34 spot

Serial number №865-74. Made by factory 183 and in Read army use from 24.04.1941. Damaged in 25.06.1941 in Lvov area

t-34 lower joint

Damaged T-34 in October 1942

early Pz.Kpfw. III damaged

Unlike T-34s taken out by single skilled shot, German tanks had to face more serious abuse before being taken out.  One early models of PzKpfw III (without extra armour plate).

captured Pz.Kpfw. III soviets repaired 1943

Soviets repairing damaged and captured PzKpfw III for the further use in 1943. This is at a time when it was called obsolete!

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