The Great War (WWI) British Propaganda Posters- Gallery 1


How Germans Rewarded A Generous Foe

WWI propaganda poster 1

Caption reads: During the present war the Germans have shown themselves incapable of understanding even the elements of chivalry. At Mons a British soldier, when offering water to a wounded German, was treacherously shot by the German’s comrades behind him.


On Deeds Like This The Kaiser Asks God’s Blessing

WWI propaganda poster 2

Caption reads: After the sack of Louvain the German soldiers found a party of fugitives, tied their hands behind them, and forced them to march towards Malines. “At Herent,” says one of the victims, “another troop of prisoners, including half a dozen priests, joined us. Suddenly, evidently as the result of some false alarm, we were ordered to kneel down, and the soldiers stood behind us with their rifles ready to fire, using us as a shield. Fortunately for us, nothing happened.” The priests were afterwards shot. Numerous witnesses assert that the Germans place civilians in their front ranks.


Uhlans’ Brutal Torture of an Irish Fusilier

WWI propaganda poster 3

Caption reads: Captured by Uhlans near Compiegne, an Irish Fusilier was tied to a tree and threatened with death if he did not disclose the whereabouts of General French. Thwarted by his refusal, the Uhlans proceeded to kick him in the body as high as their boots could reach. Happily a party of French troopers arrived on the scene in time to save him. Having disposed of the Uhlans, the French cavalrymen looked after the Fusilier for a couple of days until he could be removed to hospital. He is now well again, and says his rifle will never miss another Uhlan – if he can help it.


The story of Rosette

WWI propaganda poster 4

Caption reads: Grey, a poor half-witted goatherd named Rosette fled to the cellar of some neighbouring peasants for safety. Going back home for her keys which she had forgotten, she was captured by Uhlans. The Germans gagged her with her own kerchief and thrust her against the wall, where their officer, accusing her of spying, shot her twice. Her corpse lay with her imprisoned companions all night.


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