The last Garrison of the Third Reich


If you think that after Germany unconditional surrender On 7 May, 1945 every German laid down their weapons you will be wrong.

In reality the last German Garrison signed surrender only on 4 September, 1945!!!

secret german

During WW2 Germans launched the top secret Operation Haudegen. In September 1944, together with the supply ship Carl J. Busch, the submarine U-307 transported the men of Operation Haudegen to Svalbard.


German Mission was led by German scientist, major of Luftwaffe and Sonderführer Wilhelm Dege. It’s still unknown what they did over there. Some people say they were building new secret weapon, some people say they were building new meteorological station. Myself I think they were simply bored, because at that time of war Germany certainly had a bigger problems than precise weather forecasts.

And so it went somewhere till may 1945 when one morning  Sonderführer Wilhelm Dege managed to pick up the signal from Norwegian broadcast. To his biggest surprise  Norwegians were saying that Germany lost the war couple of weeks ago.

Sonderführer Wilhelm Dege was one clever guy and after couple of unsuccessful trials he managed to contact British  forces based in Tromsø,  Norway. After short conversation he made them “offer they can’t refuse”. British were suspicions and smelled the almost certain trap. So they started preparations for landing and picking up assault team. You will be surprised but it took them almost half a year before landing took place.

Finally it happened on 4 September, 1945. The main landing force was composed by Norwegian Navy seals… well, if to be more specific seal hunters. Seal hunters were accompanied by one Norvegian scientist, one British officer and two soldiers. Germans stubbornly signed unconditional surrender and laid down their arms. It was one handgun, one machine gun and nine rifles. Also they asked to take them off the F$%&* island )

Station Haudegen

P.S Did I told you that Sonderführer Wilhelm Dege was one clever guy? Even he signed unconditional surrender, but he never meant it. He never betrayed his Führer and never disclosed any documents to British. Instead he managed to hide all the documents somewhere in a cave. Thirty years later his son came to pick them up.