Who is Who – WWII American Propaganda Posters


It looks like after terrible political mess in 1940, by 1941-1943 it was a need to explain who was a friend and who wasn’t. It looks naive today but back in the days it was a serious business.



Especially when it came to Soviets. Ivans were no more “Communist Monsters” but “RUSSIAN Friends”. ) Such a small detail, but changes quite a lot.



From now on English are also friends. )



These boring people with a very difficult Canadian language are also friends



It was not too much known about Australians expect they were hunting kangaroos and making BBQ 24/7.  Strange behavior indeed, but from now on whoever hunts kangaroos is also a friend.



Here is a tricky one. ) Dutch sailor is a friend. Only Dutch sailor!!! Dutch on shore is something else )



To make the things a bit easier for housewives, very abstracted “Chinese” was invented  )



This particular poster is a bit Overkill. Even for myself it’s difficult to understand where exactly is that Mysterious Ethiopia and how did they helped Americans )